Thursday, 5 February 2009

Optimised and Working!

The electrical tape worked!

After a lot of numerous changes today, I've managed to optimise all the blobs so they work effectively. I can drag a finger over the surface and get blobs picked up effectively. I can resize images and rotate the 2d global desk using my fingers as well. So all the basic functionality I need is working (Yipee!)

I do have some videos but they're very large so I'm attempting to re-encode them via After Effects, if it works I will post the youtube videos.

I intend to try and build a contraption to keep the surface still, sometime soon, it's rather heavy at 2-3 kg's, so it does need something fairly robust. I also need to get a projector to make interaction with blobs complete and fully intuitive.

More updates will follow I bet...

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