Thursday, 5 February 2009

Blob tests...

The set up works, but its configuration is a little unstable. But there are a few fixable reasons for this. I tested the blobs first of all (Blobs are impressions made onto the acrylic surface (The touch surface) which disrupt the infra red field.) So the first test was successful, I managed to create blobs just by using my fingers on the surface, however I had to use the opposite to the side I expected, to achieve this...which still has me a little confused.

That was last night, today I've been trying to re-configure the hardware. I set everything up on a more stable surface, though I have nothing built to hold the screen in place...which is going to become annoying. I've found out today that the LED strip at the edge is interfering with the software picking up the blobs effectively, without that I can't really go forward.

So now I am going to try taping off the LED bleed with electrical tape.

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