Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Infra red camera!!

I've finally got all the parts, LED strip, camera, acrylic, fabric for compliant surface and other little bits. I found out yesterday that the camera drivers were very poor! I'm guessing Japanese or Chinese make and the infra red feature was actually a graphical feature, not embedded into the camera as I had first expected.

But by a stroke of luck I have just prised out the infra red lense see image. In the end I had to crack the lense, which was very brittle, to get it out. So third time lucky in the end!! (See pic)

Now I just need to add in the infra red filter, which I believe can be put together from a floppy disk magnetic strip...or exposed negatives with no picture. I did have these but they aren't quite the right type, so I am going to use the floppy disk magnetic strip again.

With that cut and placed into the camera, I should finally have an infra red camera. Will update soon, if I manage to get the infra red LED's working.

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